About us?

AIR EUROPE VA (Virtual Airline) is a virtual airline company which specializes in air chartering.

All charter flights are accomplished by our virtual pilots using Flight Simulator, P3D or X-Plane on the IVAO (International Virtual Aviation Organization) network.

IVAO is a global network

It allows flight simulation fans to realize real-time all kinds of virtual flights and provide or use virtual air traffic control services. The aim is to get as close as possible to the reality with a simulator, applying the true procedures of the air regulations in force all over the world.

The passion of aviation

Because we are first of all passionate, we have, with our virtual customers, a privileged relationship based on trust and simplicity of exchanges.

Our commitments

Air Europe VA is tailor-made for its virtual customers, we offer the best flight opportunity for your needs.


If you need a jet for a virtual meeting or for a private trip, a company shuttle or an emergency flight, we will put a plane and a crew at your disposal.


Looking for the best virtual air transport solution for a group? Whether it's business seminars, sightseeing flights or sports flights, the solution is in the form of charter flights.


We carry around the world chartering virtual cargo for the transport of urgent parts, humanitarian and transport of live animals.

Chartering a virtual flight on measures

Calculez le coût de votre transport aérien en remplissant le formulaire ci-dessous et commandez votre prestation. Attention, ceci n'est pas une cotation réelle. Il s'agit d'une action ludique et caritative au profit de Solidarités International. Les vols sont réalisés en temps réel, commandez des vols de moins de 3 heures.


Je souhaite contrôler comment est redistribué l'argent récolté. Je m'engage à vérifier au moins une fois l'an les comptes. J'accepte que mon nom soit rendu public sur la page Finances


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