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AEL022Serge ROUSSEL1.5 hrs ago
AEL006Jacques MOHAMEDI2 hrs ago
AEL054Bruno MAXI2.1 hrs ago
AEL036Gilles LIONIELLO3.5 hrs ago
AEL047Alain POLONI23.1 hrs ago

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Maxime LABOYAU4 days ago


Statistiques personnelles
François DELCOURT (AEL058)
Member since 22 Oct 2017 - Active
Pilot Ratings:
FS2 Flight Student

Controller Ratings:
AS1 ATC Applicant

FR Valenciennes

Number of flights:15 Last flight13-12 2227z
Hours flown:19:32 Average flight time:1:18
Total flown distance:4 232 NM Average flight distance:282 NM

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