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AEL013Pierre DEQUACK3.7 hrs ago
AEL092Marc PIRE4 hrs ago
AEL091Matthieu PEREZ15 hrs ago
AEL001Pascal PAILLART15.9 hrs ago
AEL047Alain POLONI21.6 hrs ago

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Maxime LABOYAU2 days ago

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Timothée MUNSCH (AEL084)
Member since 17 Oct 2015 - Active
Pilot Ratings:
FS3 Advanced Flight Student

Controller Ratings:
AS3 Advanced ATC Trainee

FR Colmar

Norway Tour
24 Jan 2016
Tour de Norvège
Tour des Nouvelles Régions
28 Jan 2016
Tour des Nouvelles Régions
Aeropostale 2015
24 Feb 2016
Aeropostale 2015
Olympique tour
15 May 2016
Olympique tour
Dash8Q400 Convoy
06 Sep 2016
Full convoy accomplishment

Number of flights:287 Last flight16-10 1858z
Hours flown:385:33 Average flight time:1:20
Total flown distance:105 622 NM Average flight distance:368 NM

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